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01 Entry Fee

Customers registered in our Auction Direct program obtain ID and password to access Japanese auction sites. We cover over 30 auctions including USS, JU, etc. Registered customers can order any car appearing in the auctions. 


02 Bidding and payment

When the car is purchased by us successfully, full payment including transport fee, freight charge etc. equivalent to CIF price + our small handling charge should be paid within 5 business days into our bank account.



03 Shipment

We ship the vehicle to the earliest vessel to the port of discharge. Around one week after departure original shipping documents are provided and we post them to your location.



04 Pick up your car

You can pick up the vehicle by showing the shipping documents provided by us. You will see how nice your vehicle is and know that this is the most reliable and reasonable way to get cars from Japan.



Auction Direct is the most reliable and reasonable way to get used cars, classic cars from Japan.

J-Logi  offers our customers direct access to the all auto auctions across Japan. You can bid on any car appearing  in Japanese auctions and if you win the bid, J-Logi will process all procedures,  including land transportation, shipment etc.

Customer is responsible to pay all the cost from auction to port of discharge + our small handling fee.

This is the best and least expensive way to import cars from Japan to U.S.A.

You bid a car in auctions, we ship it to you.

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